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DreamShellDreamShell 4.0.0 Release

DreamShell v4.0.0 Release

Probably no one expected this to happen, but you understood everything correctly — this is the main release of DreamShell v4.0.
Exactly 20 years ago, on this day, the first version of DreamShell appeared. I wrote a short story about this on it 10th anniversary here, so I won’t repeat myself now.
But I can say with confidence that DreamShell has become the project of my life to some extent, since 20 years is a significant period of time and it is not easy to repeat this. And it doesn’t matter that there was a long pause with releases, a constant request from the community does not allow me to leave this matter. I hope this continues to be the case.
In fact, this long pause has its advantages. During this time, additional experience and knowledge was accumulated, which allowed me to solve any issues of version 4 and achieve the release. Yes, not everything that should have been done has been done here, simply because the amount of work is limitless, because it is an operating system. But this is the biggest release in DreamShell history, without exaggeration.
Development of the 4th version began in 2008 and on the 5th anniversary of DreamShell (02/02/2009) the first beta version was released.
Thus, it turns out that the development of DreamShell v4.0.0 lasted for 15 years. There were 4 beta and 4 release candidate versions.
To prepare for the release, public testing under the guise of RC5 went on for more than a year, but this version was not planned to be released as a replacement for the latest RC4. This was used for development and testing purposes only. Those who participated in testing were very helpful, thank you very much!
What has changed since the last release? Let's start with the fact that the repository on GitHub has exceeded 500 commits, which take their toll from versions RC2/RC3, and even then not completely, since the full DreamShell code was only pushed since the RC4 version.
But this, of course, doesn’t say much; if someone wants to learn more about all the changes, they can do it themselves on GitHub.
In this post I will talk about the main differences between the release version and the last released RC4.
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  • 02 февраля 2024, 00:00

DreamShell[WIP] DreamShell 4.0.0 RC 5 Preview


The project is alive and developing as much as possible.
All changes are committed to github and you can watch the progress.

Last update: 12 Jan 2024
Start of testing: 1 Dec 2022

Github, Testing, Discord, Videos, Donate
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  • 03 декабря 2022, 10:08

DreamShellDreamShell 4.0.0 RC 4

DreamShell 4.0 RC 4 - Main app (desktop)

Update 05.02.2016: Uploaded all source code to GitHub. Updated changelog.

Долгожданное обновление DreamShell 4.0.
Этот релиз должен был состояться еще пол года назад, но к сожалению все время откладывался либо из-за нехватки времени решить все проблемы.
Но вот наконец-то я довел это до рабочего состояния. Основные проблемы были решены, но к сожалению остались еще всякие мелочи. Тестировался релиз очень мало, поэтому возможны баги, которые я просто не увидел. Прошу сообщать мне о них на форуме.

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  • 02 февраля 2016, 00:00

HardwareNew BIOS mod (unlock G1)

Данный мод теперь не актуален, если вы хотите сделать BIOS mod, то воспользуйтесь старой схемой.

Вам нет необходимости полностью переделывать свой старый BIOS мод, это просто доработка. А если у вас не было BIOS мода раньше, то берём MX29LV160, поднимаем 1-ю,12-ю,44-ю ноги накладываем на родной BIOS и аккуратно паяем. Всё остальное думаю понятно из схем.
Внимание: наличие оригинального биоса обязательно, ни в коем случае не отпаивайте его

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DreamShell[WIP] DreamShell 4.0.0 RC 3 Preview: ISO Loader

Several HD videos demonstrating improvements and features in the new version of ISO Loader.
It's not the final release, still WIP.

Shenmue 2 (GDI, BIOS mod, SD and HDD PIO)

Watch more videos
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  • 30 июля 2014, 10:00

HardwareG1-ATA (IDE) adapter

This is a first version of G1-ATA adapter.
The printed circuit board is provided with small errors in size, so if you can draw yourself, do it better.
Or you can wait the new version of PCB from OzOnE.
And of course you can solder wires directly to the motherboard.
You can use IDE HDD (need external power) or CompactFlash cards (powered from DC).
Maybe some adapters IDE->SATA/SD etc will work too, but this is not guaranteed.
Prepare in advance for release DreamShell 4.0 RC 2 ;-)

G1-ATA Adapter photo (up)
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  • 18 апреля 2014, 19:00

DreamShell[WIP] DreamShell 4.0.0 RC 2 Preview: G1-ATA with IDE HDD

G1-ATA Adapter

Update 21.04.2014: D2, Jet Set Radio, Rayman 2, Sonic Adventure 2
Update 15.04.2014: Alien Front Online
Update 13.04.2014: Illbleed

Several videos demonstrating the G1-ATA adapter with IDE HDD.
It's not final release, WIP.
HDD works in PIO mode for now, not on full speed.
Watch the videos
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  • 21 апреля 2014, 00:00